Why are interests pursued as a hobby and not as a career?

In the past, we have not given much importance to the interests of our children. At the most we consider it as a hobby and allow it to some extent for the satisfaction of our children. When a crossroad is reached, that is when the child has to pursue the interest further or to pursue education, education mostly wins.

Fear and uncertainty play a crucial role here, due to which the idea that the child’s interest could be a career does not have validity with many parents.

Fear that the lack of education would mean a lack of opportunities and uncertainty about whether the child would attain those heights while pursuing the interest as are needed for success. 

As a solution, a golden mean is found. The child is told to keep the interest at the backburner through the high school / junior college years, focus on studies, and clear the board examination. It is impressed upon the child that there is a lifetime to pursue those interests, but this time of education, once lost, would not come back. It is a trade-off. Grudgingly the child accepts. By the time the child is through the education parts, the flame of the child’s interest starts dimming and is diminished by the time the schooling years are over. Then comes another crossroad at the time of higher education, which continues.

With changing times, students have different aspirations. The child’s interests are becoming more profound. Unlike in yesteryears, now they know what they wish to do, what they wish to achieve, and what impact they wish to create. They need a vehicle, a mechanism to pursue those interests single-mindedly.

# A child, coming from a business family, might wish to continue with the family business. 

# A child proficient in music or sports or arts would wish to carry forward their passion with zeal. 

# A child focused on design as a career might be busy crafting a portfolio to get admitted to the best design school. 

# Someone interested in engineering and technology might wish to be singularly absorbed by a fervor to make things.

# A child wishes to seek admission to a leading university around the globe and needs to be fully prepared for the rigor of international education.

All these different strokes need the backbone to support them to continue schooling without diluting their time or attention on their interest. 

GoSchool is the perfect place for it. It is here that a child can pursue the chosen interest, gets support for doing so, realizes their unique aspiration and at the same time complete 12th boards to get admission to a university of choice. 

GoSchool, through its appreciation of the child’s interest, offers different learning pathways, flexibility, personalized counselling, and academic support for its students. We understand that each child is different. It is not just a phrase for us. Our academic structure, enabled by cutting-end technology, makes it possible for us to make it possible for you.

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