How GoSchool is Harnessing Project Based Learning as a powerful pedagogical tool

GoSchool takes its job of preparing students for the future very seriously indeed. We are adamant that our students are armed with a set of 21st Century skills that promote readiness for the needs of the times ahead of us, both in India and beyond. In doing so our classes are designed to promote deep seated engagement and an emphasis on key concepts, processes and skills. Lessons are carefully crafted to incorporate such fine learning opportunities, ones that are prized by Higher Educational Institutions and potential employers alike. 

GoSchool is a keen proponent of integrating Project based learning (PBL) opportunities to achieve these goals. PBL is a teaching method that involves students working on real-world problems or challenges, often in collaboration with others, and creating a product or presentation to share their learning. Our curriculum will identify ways in which we can maximise this powerful pedagogical practice going forward

 PBL has numerous benefits for the students at GoSchool. These include the following core principles and values:-

  • PBL fosters deeper engagement and interaction with the learning content, as students are motivated by their own interests and curiosity.
  • PBL encourages higher order thinking and problem-solving skills, as students have to apply their knowledge and skills to complex and authentic situations.
  • It is instrumental in the development of peer networking, as students work with others, communicating their ideas, and receiving detailed and timely feedback from teachers, peers, and experts within a particular field.
  • PBL enhances student achievement and performance, as studies have shown that such practice is linked to significant improvements in student test scores, attendance, and classroom engagement
  • It is safe to say that PBL prepares students for the challenges of the real world, as they learn how to manage projects, work in teams, and present their work to various audiences

Here are some examples of PBL in various subject disciplines:


Students design and build a model roller coaster that meets certain criteria, such as height, length, slope, and speed. They use mathematical concepts such as geometry, algebra, measurement, and statistics to plan, construct, and test their coaster. They also create a budget and a marketing plan for their coaster. 


Students investigate the effects of climate change on a local ecosystem, such as a forest, a wetland, or a coral reef. They conduct research, collect data, and analyze evidence to understand the causes and consequences of climate change. They also propose and evaluate solutions to mitigate or adapt to environmental changes. They present their findings and recommendations in a multimedia report. 

Social Studies

Students explore the global history of civil rights movements, from the American Revolution to the Arab Spring. They compare and contrast the goals, strategies, and outcomes of different movements, and identify the factors that influence social change. They also create a documentary film that showcases a specific civil rights movement and its impact on the world. 

English Language 

Students write and publish a collection of short stories based on their personal experiences, interests, and passions. They use the elements of fiction, such as plot, character, setting, and theme, to craft engaging and meaningful stories. They also peer-review and revise their stories and design a cover and a title for their collection. They share their stories with a wider audience through a digital platform. 


Students create a mural that reflects the diversity and culture of their community. They interview local residents, visit historical and cultural sites, and collect artifacts and images that represent their community. They also study different styles and techniques of mural painting and collaborate on a design and a plan for their mural. They paint their mural on a public wall and organise a celebration event to unveil their artwork. 

How may Project Based Learning be integrated into an online platform?

In the integration of (PBL) into the online classroom GoSchool acknowledges some specific challenges though we feel the end result is very much worth the effort. PBL aligns perfectly well with our overriding principles which revolve around  helping students develop 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity, while engaging them in authentic and meaningful learning experiences. 

GoSchool employs a number of very useful strategies to make these ambitions a reality.

  • We plan project work that is accessible and adaptable to different screen sizes and platforms. 
  • GoSchool uses our video conferencing platforms, available through our LMS, for meaningful collaboration and interaction among students and teachers. 
  • Our LMS makes group work more effective with the potential to provide scaffolding to help students organise their tasks, track their progress, and share their resources. 
  • GoSchool prides itself on the provision of detailed, ongoing and tangible feedback which in turn promotes reflection. Our learning platform allows students to  monitor their own learning, self-assess their work, and receive constructive comments from peers and teachers. 
  • GoSchool ensures that students become creative, flexible and resilient ,encouraging them to explore their interests, passions, and questions through PBL. 

    Written by Mr. Hywel Bennett BA (Hons), PGCE, MA Ed (Academic Director)

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