Connecting, Creating, Contributing: GoSchool’s Model for Holistic Education

Holistic learning is an approach that goes beyond traditional rote memorisation which appears to be a common experience in India at regular bricks and mortar schools. We advocate that such an approach to learning bears no relevance to the 21st century and does not prepare students for their future learning and career pathways. Furthermore, it does not inculcate the basic dispositions required to be fully engaged and effective members of the global community. In addition, our preference for holistic learning paves the way for our students to fully immerse themselves in the enhanced opportunities offered through the development and transformation of Indian society. 

At GoSchool we ensure that holistic learning is at the heart of everything we do and set out to achieve. It nurtures students’ intellectual, physical, social, creative, and emotional capacities, preparing them for real-life challenges and 21st-century skills. Our international curriculum offered by Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel provide us with the tools to ensure that the respective content is covered in a systematic fashion, thereby guaranteeing readiness for external examinations. However, we cover such content in a conceptual and thematic fashion which promotes interaction and the fostering of debate and inclusion of meaningful collaboration and discussion. Moreover, since these key skills are embedded throughout the curriculum, by default all subject areas complement each other in an accessible fashion. The hybrid and hyflex model we practice allows the seamless integration of holistic learning opportunities with the Flipped Learning model at the core of all learning opportunities. It offers a more versatile learning experience suiting the needs of an increasingly mobile and digitalised society. 

Some fundamentals of holistic learning that may be highlighted here include –

  • Holistic learning has the potential to embrace a wide range of learning preferences. It focuses on the development of theory in a tangible fashion, integrating a wide array of basic dispositions and human needs. This includes but is not confined to the ability to pair emotion with intellect, the fostering of creativity and imagination and utilising physical experiences to maximum advantage. Put simply, our advocacy of holistic learning at GoSchool provide students with a comprehensive and effective educational experience.
  • GoSchool prides itself on the connections made between various aspects of the curriculum. Holistic Learning styles moves away from the overly restrictive treatment of subjects in isolation and acknowledges fully that there are commonalities between all areas of the curriculum, an area to be exploited for the benefit of deeper learning and prospects for academic success. When students recognise these links across the curriculum and indeed to their own lives, learning becomes more incisive and relevant. 
  • At GoSchool our advocacy of holistic learning recognises that students should be equipped with accessible skills as opposed to the mere regurgitation of knowledge. A whole host of dynamic skills permeate our learning programmes, including the capacity to think critically, problem-solving, collaborative practice, assertive communication, and adaptability with particular reference to innovation and human ingenuity. These are collectively known as 21st century learning skills and our delivery of the same is an absolute given and pre-condition of everything GoSchool sets out to do.
  • Holistic learning works in tandem with the imperative need for individuals to contribute positively to their respective communities at whatever scale. It inculcates care, compassion, and empathy for both the human and physical environment. It promotes tolerance and diversity, thereby making the world a nicer place to be. This is very much appreciated in the frequently troubled times we live.

Written by Mr. Hywel Bennett – Academic Director – BA(Hons), PGCE, MA (Ed)

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Academic Year 2023-24