Homeschooling in India – Everything You Must Know

What is homeschooling?

Educating children at home instead of sending them to school by their parents is called homeschooling. Through homeschooling parents are able to provide a protective & controlled environment to their children, while ensuring a seamless education experience.

In homeschooling, parents have the flexibility to choose the curriculum and the examination board depending on the abilities and interests of their children.

Is homeschooling legal in India?

Yes, homeschooling is legal in India because the Indian judicial system does not hold homeschooling or online schooling against any section (sections 18 and 19) of the RTE 2009. Many Indian states acknowledge the concept of homeschooling. It is a fact that there are many online schools in India that deliver their curriculum virtually for the benefit of homeschoolers.

Are you getting ready to begin your homeschooling journey? 
In this blog, let us shed some light on homeschooling in depth.

Benefits of homeschooling

Parents consider home-based learning as a safe haven without any threats like stress, harassment, or mistreatment. The homeschooling curriculum is decided by parents based on the interests & passions of the child.

  • Better academic achievement

With structured homeschooling, children show higher academic achievement than their peers in traditional schooling. It helps children identify their strengths and areas of improvement. Homeschooling also encourages children to develop a love for learning.

  • Family Bonding

Homeschooling not only strengthens and builds better relationships but also helps parents to identify their children’s passions. As parents, you get to know your child. Remember, you are the biggest influence in your child’s little world. Children have the pleasure of learning at their own pace, and parents can witness their fast progress. 

Homeschooling provides more opportunities to develop close connections with children. Thereby, preparing them for healthy relationships within and outside of their families.

  • Standard Education

The institutions and platforms offering homeschooling in India also provide extensive study resources and materials, which significantly add to the efforts of the Parents. Personalized and proactive education enables children to fall in love with the process of learning. It sets the base to discover your child’s talents and true passions. Few parents choose to have their children tested to know whether they are progressing academically or not. Parents understand and allow their children to grow at their pace without any stress.

  • Opportunity to Enroll in Extracurricular Activities

Homeschooling allows children extra time to indulge in various extracurricular activities, since there is no traveling to & fro from School, which is involved. The Parents have the flexibility to develop their child’s co-curricular & extra-curricular activity calendar without the limiting factors of a school calendar.

In a Nutshell

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