8 Inquiries to Consider When Selecting the Appropriate School for Your Child

Selecting the right school for your child is a significant decision that can shape their educational journey and future. To make an informed choice, it’s crucial to ask the right questions and consider various factors.

Firstly, Consider Your Child: Consider your child’s aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses. Reflect on the type of environment that would best support their development. For instance, a child with special needs might thrive in a smaller class, while a sporty child may benefit from ample training opportunities.

Class Sizes: Class size impacts the quality of education. Smaller classes often mean more individual attention. Inquire about class size and whether the school offers additional one-on-one time with teachers. For online schools, ask about interaction levels in live lessons, camera expectations, and participation methods.

Curriculum Structure and Lesson Planning: Understand how the school structures its curriculum and plans lessons. Since independent schools have flexibility, learn about the benefits of their approach. Explore the format of A Level teaching, the frequency of assessments, and whether the teaching style leans towards hands-on exploration or a traditional lecture approach.

Opportunities for Personal Growth: Beyond academics, inquire about opportunities for personal growth. Explore extra-curricular activities, projects, trips, and events. Consider how the school adapts these opportunities during disruptions like the Covid pandemic. Some schools provide unique experiences like guest lectures, competitions, and elective studies for enjoyment.

Parental Involvement: Understand how the school communicates with parents. Inquire about parent-teacher associations and events involving parents. Connect with current parents to get insights into their experiences.

University Support: For pupils considering university, understand the school’s support system. Inquire about guidance in course selection and the application process. Learn about staff dedicated to university guidance, support for Oxbridge applications, familiarity with international university systems, assistance with personal statements, interview preparation, and the arrangement of work placements.

School Results:
Examine the school’s exam results as indicators of academic standing. Additionally, explore where graduates go after school, including the universities they attend and the courses they pursue.

Teacher Qualifications:
Learn about the qualifications and backgrounds of teachers. Understand their teaching approaches and how they handle students who may need extra help. Consider sitting in on a class to gauge the teacher’s passion. Inquire about teacher support for delivering high-quality remote learning.

Learning During Isolation:
Consider potential disruptions to education due to unforeseen circumstances like Covid-19. Inquire about the school’s plans for continuing teaching during isolation. Are live classes accessible from home, or is it a matter of worksheets and catching up? How is the school prepared for virtual or distance learning, and what support do they offer to ensure student engagement and progress?

Remember, these questions aim to provide a holistic understanding of the school environment and its alignment with your child’s needs and aspirations. If you are still confused about how to find the perfect fit for your child in terms of schooling, get in touch with our seasoned counseling team. Fill up the enquiry form here: https://www.go-school.in/ Or call us on 091794 69179.

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