6 Reasons why Online Schooling is the future of Education 2023

The rapid advances in technology over the past decade have revolutionized the way we learn and interact with one another. As the world shifts towards a more technological and digital-based society, online schools are well-positioned for continued growth into 2023 and beyond. The India e-learning market size reached US$ 5.6 Billion in 2021. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$ 12.5 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9% during 2022-2027. This number is expected to increase even further over the next decade as India continues to invest in digital infrastructure and access to high-speed internet expands across the country. In addition, online learning provides greater access to a broad range of course offerings, from core academic subjects to specialized electives. 

Discover why virtual education is changing the educational landscape and benefits of online education. From convenience to cost-effectiveness, here are just a few reasons online learning is becoming an increasingly popular option for students of all ages.

1. Increased Accessibility: Through online schooling, learners of all ages can access educational content regardless of location. It allows for greater flexibility and access to learning material that would otherwise be hard to find or unavailable in traditional settings. With its flexibility, more people are turning to online schooling as a viable option for high-quality education.

2. Increased Engagement: Using multimedia, such as videos and simulations, combined with interactive activities helps keep students engaged with the material and makes learning more enjoyable. Student-tutor interactions like discussion forums and chat rooms foster meaningful conversations about topics. According to an Edtech Review study quotes, “Over 75% of teachers reported that the digital tools made teaching easier; 65% of teachers were more comfortable using technology for day-to-day schoolwork after state-led training programs, and the majority of teachers pointed to greater efficiencies in classroom management and more creativity/innovation in lesson delivery. In addition, they also reported collateral benefits ranging from higher student attentiveness to better parent-teacher engagement”. 

3. Improved Learning Outcomes: With more personalized learning, learners can focus on their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make the most of their educational experience and achieve higher outcomes. The flexibility of online education allows students to tackle challenging material more efficiently. Online learning also allows students to work at their own pace, giving ample time for reflection and deeper understanding. According to the Online Learning Consortium, online learners have higher retention rates and test scores than those in traditional school settings.

4. Cost Savings: Online schooling eliminates the costs associated with traditional education, such as physical infrastructure, personnel to administer courses and transportation. It is a cost-effective option for students who can’t afford tuition fees or are not residents in the same country as their preferred educational institution. In addition, many online schools offer scholarships and other financial aid that make it even easier for students from all backgrounds to afford a quality education.

5. Increased Adaptability: Online schooling is much more adaptable than traditional education, allowing students to easily switch between courses and topics. This will enable students to focus on the most interesting subjects and explore opportunities that wouldn’t be available in a regular school setting. The pandemic has produced a remarkable surge in the popularity of online education in India.  

6. Real-World Skills: Online schooling provides multiple avenues for learning, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and simulations. Through these technologies, students can acquire important real-world skills to help them in the future. This makes online learning more attractive to employers looking to hire graduates with practical experience.

These are just some reasons why online Schooling is set to become the future of education in 2023.

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